SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 4 (EGW)


Chapter 48

10. God's Children Always Being Tested—God's children are always being tested in the furnace of affliction. If they endure the first trial, it is not necessary for them to pass through a similar ordeal the second time; but if they fail, the trial is brought to them again and again, each time being still more trying and severe. Thus opportunity after opportunity is placed before them of gaining the victory and proving themselves true to God. But if they continue to manifest rebellion, God is compelled at last to remove His Spirit and light from them (Manuscript 69, 1912). 4BC 1146.7

Sorrow and trial must come to all, and is beautiful only as it works to polish, to sanctify, and refine the soul as a fit instrument to do service for the Lord (Letter 69, 1897). 4BC 1146.8