Ms 115, 1903


Ms 115, 1903

Diary/Instruction Regarding Sanitarium Work


September 4, 1902

Portions of this manuscript are published in MM 306; CG 486; 3BC 1148; 10MR 164-165; PC 38-40; SpM 256, pp. -259.

I have been calling upon God to heal my eyes and to give me clearness of mind, that I may be able to express in proper language, some subjects that I have dreaded to write out, fearing that I would be unable to do justice to the subject. Ms115-1903.1

In our sanitarium work plants should be made in many places. In the sanitariums established a decided influence for temperance and for all points of truth should be exerted. The workers should seek to help one another. Those who possess the true missionary spirit will esteem all for whom Christ has died. Ms115-1903.2

God has declared that sanitariums and hygienic restaurants should be established for the purpose of making known to the world His law. The closing of our restaurants on the Sabbath is to be a witness that there is a people who will not, for worldly gain or to please people, disregard God’s holy rest day. These restaurants are to be established in our cities to bring the truth before many who are engrossed in the business and pleasure of this world. Many of these are professed Christians, but are “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” [2 Timothy 3:4.] These are to know that God has a people who fear Him and keep His commandments. They are to be taught how to choose and prepare the simple food that is best suited to nourish the body and preserve the health. Ms115-1903.3