SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 3 (EGW)


Chapter 17

3-7, 9, 10. Obedience Brings God's Favor—[2 Chronicles 17:3-7, 9, 10 quoted.] Obedience to the Lord always brings favor, and a faithful discharge of righteous principles will bear the divine credentials; but the Lord is dishonored when those who are placed as stewards of God's flock, sustain and sanction an evil work. 3BC 1132.3

The outward signs of fasting and prayer, without a broken and contrite spirit, are of no value in God's sight. The inward work of grace is needed. Humiliation of soul is essential. God looks upon this. He will graciously receive those who will humble their hearts before Him. He will hear their petitions and heal their backslidings. 3BC 1132.4

Ministers and people need the work of purification in their souls, that God's judgments may be turned away from them. God is waiting, waiting for humiliation and repentance. He will receive all who will turn unto Him with their whole heart (Manuscript 33, 1903). 3BC 1132.5