SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 3 (EGW)


Chapter 27

4 (ch. 14:30; Song of Solomon 8:6). Envy Is a Hellish Shadow—Envy, jealousy, and evil surmising is a hellish shadow by which Satan seeks to intercept your views of the character of Christ, so that by beholding the evil you may be fully changed into its likeness (Letter 9, 1892). 3BC 1163.5

9. The Value of a Friend—Things will go wrong with every one; sadness and discouragement press every soul; then a personal presence, a friend who will comfort and impart strength, will turn back the darts of the enemy that are aimed to destroy. Christian friends are not half as plentiful as they should be. In hours of temptation, in a crisis, what a value is a true friend! Satan at such times sends along his agents to cause the trembling limbs to stumble; but the true friends who will counsel, who will impart magnetic hopefulness, the calming faith that uplifts the soul,—oh, such help is worth more than precious pearls (Letter 7, 1883)! 3BC 1163.6