SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 3 (EGW)


Psalm 89

14. Twin Sisters—Justice has a twin sister that should ever stand by her side, which is Mercy and Love (Letter 18e, 1890). 3BC 1149.8

(1 Peter 5:3.) Men Must Not Dominate Others—Let those who occupy positions of trust rid themselves of the unmerciful spirit which so greatly offends God. Justice and judgment are the habitation of His throne. Let no one suppose that God has given to men the power of ruling their fellow-men. He will accept the service of no man who hurts and discourages Christ's heritage. Now is the time for every man to examine himself, to prove himself, that he may see whether he is in the faith. Investigate closely the motives which prompt you to action. We are engaged in the work of the Most High. Let us not weave into the web of our work one thread of selfishness. Let us rise to a higher plane in our daily experience. God will not serve with the sins of any man (Manuscript 42, 1901). 3BC 1149.9