SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 3 (EGW)


Psalm 5

5-12 (James 3:8). Distinguishing Features of Speech—Speech is one of the great gifts of God to man. The tongue is a little member, but the words it frames, made vocal by the voice, have a great power. The Lord declares, “The tongue can no man tame.” It has set nation against nation, and has caused battle and bloodshed. Words have kindled fires that have been hard to quench. They have also brought joy and gladness to many souls. And when words are spoken because God says, “Speak unto them My words,” they often cause sorrow unto repentance. 3BC 1142.3

The talent of speech carries with it great responsibility. It needs to be carefully guarded; for it is a mighty power for evil as well as for good. 3BC 1142.4

[Psalm 5:5-12 quoted.] 3BC 1142.5

In these verses righteousness and unrighteousness are represented. These are the distinguishing features of speech (Letter 34, 1899). 3BC 1142.6