SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2 (EGW)


Chapter 22

10, 11 (2 Chronicles 34:18, 19). Josiah's Repentance Points to Our Work—When Josiah heard the words of warning and condemnation because Israel had trampled upon the precepts of heaven, he humbled himself. He wept before the Lord. He made a thorough work of repentance and reformation, and God accepted his efforts. The whole congregation of Israel entered into a solemn covenant to keep the commandments of Jehovah. This is our work today. We must repent of the past evil of our doings, and seek God with all our hearts. We must believe that God means just what He says, and make no compromise with evil in any way. We should greatly humble ourselves before God, and consider any loss preferable to the loss of His favor (The Review and Herald, January 31, 1888). 2BC 1038.5

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