SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2 (EGW)


1 Samuel

Chapter 1

Valuable Lessons in Life of Samuel—The reign of judges in Israel closes with Samuel, than whom few purer or more illustrious characters are presented in the sacred record. There are few, also, whose life history contains lessons of greater value to the thoughtful student (The Signs of the Times, October 27, 1881). 2BC 1008.2

8. Satan's Attempt to Destroy Hannah—This scene was enacted again and again, not only at the yearly gatherings, but whenever circumstances furnished an opportunity for Peninnah to exalt herself at the expense of her rival. The course of this woman seemed to Hannah a trial almost beyond endurance. Satan employed her as his agent to harass, and if possible exasperate and destroy, one of God's faithful children (The Signs of the Times, October 27, 1881). 2BC 1008.3

10. Mighty Power in Prayer—There is a mighty power in prayer. Our great adversary is constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God. An appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets or the mandates of kings (The Signs of the Times, October 27, 1881). 2BC 1008.4

14. Intemperance Was Common in Israel—Feasting revelry had well-nigh supplanted true godliness among the people of Israel. Instances of intemperance, even among women, were of frequent occurrence, and now Eli determined to administer what he considered a deserved rebuke (The Signs of the Times, October 27, 1881). 2BC 1008.5

20-28. The Reward of Faithfulness—During the first three years of the life of Samuel the prophet, his mother carefully taught him to distinguish between good and evil. By every familiar object surrounding him, she sought to lead his thoughts up to the Creator. In fulfillment of her vow to give her son to the Lord, with great self-denial she placed him under the care of Eli the high priest, to be trained for service in the house of God. Though Samuel's youth was passed at the tabernacle devoted to the worship of God, he was not free from evil influences or sinful example. The sons of Eli feared not God, nor honored their father; but Samuel did not seek their company nor follow their evil ways. His early training led him to choose to maintain his Christian integrity. What a reward was Hannah's! and what an encouragement to faithfulness is her example! (The Review and Herald, September 8, 1904). 2BC 1008.6