SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2 (EGW)


Chapter 10

1, 2. Tola Restored Order, Law, and Justice—After the death of Abimelech, the usurper, the Lord raised up Tola to judge Israel. His peaceful reign presented a happy contrast to the stormy scenes through which the nation had been passing. It was not his work to lead armies to battle and to achieve victories over the enemies of Israel, as the former rulers had done; but his influence effected a closer union among the people, and established the government upon a firmer basis. He restored order, law, and justice. 2BC 1005.2

Unlike the proud and envious Abimelech, Tola's great desire was, not to secure position or honor for himself, but to improve the condition of his people. A man of deep humility, he felt that he could accomplish no great work, but he determined to perform with faithfulness his duty to God and to the people. He highly valued the privilege of divine worship, and chose to dwell near the tabernacle, that he might oftener attend upon the services there performed (The Signs of the Times, August 11, 1881). 2BC 1005.3

3-6. Jair Tried to Maintain Worship of God—[Judges 10:6 quoted.] Tola governed Israel twenty-three years, and was succeeded by Jair. This ruler also feared the Lord and endeavored to maintain His worship among the people. In conducting the affairs of the government he was assisted by his sons, who acted as magistrates, and went from place to place to administer justice. 2BC 1005.4

To some extent, during the latter part of Jair's reign, and more generally after his death, the Israelites again relapsed into idolatry (The Signs of the Times, August 11, 1881). 2BC 1005.5