EGW SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 1



Chapter 1

1. Study Deuteronomy Carefully—The book of Deuteronomy should be carefully studied by those living on the earth today. It contains a record of the instruction given to Moses to give to the children of Israel. In it the law is repeated.... 1BC 1117.5

The law of God was often to be repeated to Israel. That it precepts might not be forgotten, it was to be kept before the people, and was ever to be exalted and honored. Parents were to read the law to their children, teaching it to them line upon line, precept upon precept. And on public occasions the law was to be read in the hearing of all the people. 1BC 1117.6

Upon obedience to this law depended the prosperity of Israel. If they were obedient, it would bring them life; if disobedient, death (The Review and Herald, December 31, 1903). 1BC 1117.7

(Exodus 1:1). Study Deuteronomy and Exodus More—We do not make enough of Deuteronomy and Exodus. These books record the dealings of God with Israel. God took the Israelites from slavery, and led them through the wilderness to the promised land (Manuscript 11, 1903). 1BC 1117.8

6-10. Israel's Invisible Leader Ruled Through Visible Agents—The Lord God of heaven is our Leader. He is a leader whom we can safely follow; for He never makes a mistake. Let us honor God and His Son Jesus Christ, through whom He communicates with the world. It was Christ who gave to Moses the instruction that He gave to the children of Israel. It was Christ who delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. Moses and Aaron were the visible leaders of the people. To Moses instruction was given by their invisible Leader, to be repeated to them. 1BC 1117.9

Had Israel obeyed the directions given them by Moses, not one of those who started on the journey from Egypt would in the wilderness have fallen a prey to disease or death. They were under a safe Guide. Christ had pledged Himself to lead them safely to the promised land if they would follow His guidance. This vast multitude, numbering more than a million people, was under His direct rule. They were His family. In every one of them He was interested (Manuscript 144, 1903). 1BC 1118.1