SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 1 (EGW)


Chapter 3

1. Jethro Singled Out—Jethro was singled out from the darkness of the Gentile world to reveal the principles of heaven. God has ever had appointed agencies, and has ever given abundant evidences that these agencies were heaven-appointed and heaven-sent (Letter 190, 1905). 1BC 1099.2

Moses Transferred to a Private School—God transferred Moses from the courts of luxury, where his every wish was gratified, to a more private school. Here the Lord could commune with Moses and so educate him that he would obtain a knowledge of the hardships, trials, and perils of the wilderness (The Youth's Instructor, December 13, 1900). 1BC 1099.3

2-5. Burning Bush a Reality—It will baffle the keenest intellect to interpret the divine manifestation of the burning bush. It was not a dream; it was not a vision; it was a living reality,—something that Moses saw with his eyes. He heard the voice of God calling to him out of the bush, and he covered his face, realizing that he stood in the immediate presence of God. God was conversing with humanity. Never could Moses describe the impression made upon his mind by the sight he then saw, and by the sound of the voice that spoke to him; but this impression was never effaced. Heaven came very near to him as, with reverent awe, he listened to the words, “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” What wondrous condescension for God to leave the heavenly courts, and manifest Himself to Moses, talking with him face to face, “as a man speaketh unto his friend” (The Youth's Instructor, December 20, 1900). 1BC 1099.4

14. God Sees Future as We See Present—I AM means an eternal presence; the past, present, and future are alike to God. He sees the most remote events of past history, and the far distant future with as clear a vision as we do those things that are transpiring daily. We know not what is before us, and if we did, it would not contribute to our eternal welfare. God gives us an opportunity to exercise faith and trust in the great I AM (Letter 119, 1895). 1BC 1099.5

20. Plagues a Sign of God's Power Over All—When the children of Israel were in bondage to the Egyptians, God revealed Himself as a God above all human authority, all human greatness. The signs and miracles He wrought in behalf of His people show His power over nature, and over the greatest among those who worshiped nature, who ignored the power that made nature. 1BC 1099.6

God went through the proud land of Egypt just as He will go through the earth in the last days (The Review and Herald, July 10, 1900). 1BC 1099.7