Lt 223, 1904


Lt 223, 1904

Daniells, A. G.; Prescott, W. W.; Hare, G. A.

Huntsville, Alabama

June 15, 1904

Portions of this letter are published in 4BC 1184.

Dear Brethren Daniells and Prescott and Dr. Hare,—

During the past night scenes that clearly outline our present position were vividly presented to me. Scenes that had passed before me while we were on the steamer “Morning Star” were again presented. These representations, with the instruction given me, make clear to my mind the experience of the Berrien Springs meeting and of the councils which followed in Battle Creek. The longsuffering patience of God and His wonderful forbearance were manifested during the Berrien Springs meeting. Once more the Lord held forth to men, who have been linking up with worldlings and working with unbelieving lawyers, the words of love and mercy that He has been speaking for years. Lt223-1904.1

The meeting at Berrien Springs was an occasion of great perplexity to many of our brethren. It was a time of heavy burden and taxing labor for me. The Lord strengthened me and gave me power to stand before the people and speak words of counsel and encouragement. A special message of hope and courage was given for the men at Battle Creek. Oh, why did they not lay hold of it? There was opportunity for them to be placed upon vantage ground. Why did they not appreciate this opportunity? Greater evidence will not be given them that God is calling for a change of attitude. Some good confessions were made, but some chose to justify themselves and demanded concessions from their brethren. Lt223-1904.2