Peter’s Counsel to Parents


Chapter 6—Letter 43


Ellen White once wrote, “A sullen submission to the will of the father will develop the character of a rebel.”—That I May Know Him, p. 120. In writing this, God's servant anticipated the number one problem confronting educators and parents: How to create a positive attitude on the part of children toward the church. This is the subject in the following letter. PCP 45.1

Young people are constantly urged to follow the advice given in 2 Peter 1. But many rebel. Why? Because without a positive concept of God and what he wishes to do for them, children relate to their church and to God out of fear or shear duty rather than admiration. Religion becomes oppressive, and it is eventually rejected. PCP 45.2

Clearly our duty is to introduce children to the God who stands behind the church's doctrines and standards. Second Peter helps us do this: The emphasis is on obedience and growth based upon knowing God as a friend. PCP 45.3