Ms 136, 1906

Ms 136, 1906

Remarks/Abstract of a Conversation


June 25, 1906

Previously unpublished.

(Abstract of a conversation with Mrs. E. G. White, June 25, 1906, referring to charges made by A. T. Jones against W. C. White’s “manipulations” of the testimonies.) 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 1

When a testimony is given, it is often necessary to study carefully to know just when it is best to be delivered. The Lord designed that Willie should be with me, to be my counselor, and that the Lord should be with him. He would give him wisdom to treat these things in the light that they should be treated. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 2

I have a testimony, and some parts of it are for the present occasion, and then we must know when the other parts of it shall be appropriated. The other portions shall be appropriated just where they are needed. So there are those that say that Willie manipulates it and all that. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 3

We are to carefully guard every communication that is given. There are some that are full of sarcasm; they have warred against the testimonies in their hearts for so long, they are full of sarcasm, and the devil has put every objection in their mind possible to use against the testimony; and yet they say they believe the testimony—just as Dr. Kellogg believes it. And if things are so and so, they will take the testimony. But if it is against their judgment, then they leave it. They have the sin of rejecting the light that God has given them. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 4

He has taken every private thing. Willie has made confessions, what for? He has taken everything out of the way that other hearts that were there might have the example to clear the way, and now they have taken advantage of all that. “He has admitted,” they say, “that he has manipulated this.” But to manipulate means to change, to alter. There is not a thing of it, because he brings it right to me, and I know there is not a thing changed or altered. But sometimes he thinks that some part—they might be in a better position if we rush it out upon them at once. Perhaps they will get into a soft mood, that they will be likely to give heed to the testimonies. But as to manipulating and changing them, I know better. That is false. Because I have the last reading of everything that goes out. There is not anything that is manipulated, as they call it, taken from or added to it, that I know of. There is no such thing. He frequently changes a word for another word meaning the same, but that may seem not so hard—a word expressing the same thing, but still they might feel a little bitter over it. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 5

Everything has been done that could be done, but the disposition of the light that is given in the name of the Lord, we must take that and bring it in where and when it will have the most effect. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 6

There are some who are always in a position to make the worst of everything, and it would do them no good. It would only harden them to have anything done in that way. Here we have the evidence that the private things that are connected with our own people and work and service, he [Jones] has a tract right out to the public, and now I must get out that which will counterwork it. For a time I felt fairly dazed. It seemed so impossible, after his making that confession of conversion. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 7

They refer to the buildings in Chicago of which I had a view, even though they were not erected. Our Saviour showed John the city New Jerusalem. The city had not come down. It was a representation of what would be in the future. He had come to tell them about that. Now here was that building. The building was not established, but all the plans were laid—and everything in regard to it. 21LtMs, Ms 136, 1906, par. 8