Pastoral Ministry


Chapter 31—Planning and Leading Worship

None should neglect the public worship of God—It is a serious mistake to neglect the public worship of God. The privileges of divine service should not be lightly regarded. Those who attend upon the sick are often unable to avail themselves of these privileges, but they should be careful not to absent themselves needlessly from the house of worship.—The Ministry of Healing, 511. PaM 175.1

Church meetings may be made of no effect due simply to a lack of pure air—The preacher marvels that he has not power to impress the people, when they, as well as himself, are suffering from lack of vitalizing air, and are thus rendered incapable of appreciating the subject upon which he is speaking. The want of the circulation of pure air in a church makes many a meeting of no effect; for labor is expended for naught, because the people can not keep awake.—The Signs of the Times, September 23, 1897. PaM 175.2