The Review and Herald


December 18, 1888

The “American Sentinel” and Its Mission


For three years now, warnings have been sounding forth to the world through the columns of the Sentinel and other publications, but these danger signals have not influenced our people as they should have done. God intends that his people shall heed whatever he sends them. Had those who claim to believe the truth, used the Sentinel as it was their privilege to do, and been united in recommending it, and in raising their voices to give the trumpet a certain sound in every Conference and in every church, as God would have them do; had the attention of our people been called to this work, which was so essential to be done for this time; had they appreciated the light which God permitted to shine upon them in warnings, in counsels, and in the delineation of facts transpiring in our world—we should not now, as a people, be so far behind in making preparations for the work. The rebuke of God is upon us because of our neglect of solemn responsibilities. The testimonies given by God have not been heeded by those who professed to believe them; and as the result, his blessings have been withdrawn. When Satan has gained control of the mind, words of warning have no effect. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 1

Much might have been done with the Sentinel, if counter-influences had not been at work to hinder it. Even though nothing may be said against it, actions reveal the indifference that is felt in regard to it. When light is presented to the people of God, it is their duty, not only to receive it, but to pass it along, adding their influence in its favor, that its full force may be felt in the church and the world. The Sentinel is like a trumpet giving a certain sound; and all our people should read it carefully, and then send it to some relative or friend, thus putting to the best use the light that God has given them. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 2

There have been surprising indifference and inactivity in this time of peril. Truth, present truth, is what the people need; and if the startling transactions taking place in our country today, in regard to the Religious Amendment, had been realized by our people in every church; had they seen the plain, decided fulfillment of prophecy, and aroused to the demands of the crisis, they would not now be under such stupor and deathlike slumber. But as long as the watchmen do not give the trumpet a certain sound, the people are not alarmed, and are not on the lookout for danger. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 3

God employs various agencies in preparing his people to stand in the great crisis. He speaks by his word and by his ministers. He arouses the watchmen, and sends them forth with messages of warning, of reproof, and of instruction, that the people may be enlightened. The Sentinel has been, in God's order, one of the voices sounding the alarm, that the people might hear, and realize their danger, and do the work required at the present time. O for a religious awakening! The angels of God are going from church to church, doing their duty; and Jesus Christ is knocking at the doors of your hearts for entrance. But the means that God has devised to awaken the church to a sense of their spiritual destitution, have not been regarded. The voice of the True Witness has been heard in reproof, but has not been obeyed. Men have chosen to follow their own way, instead of God's way, because self was not crucified in them. Thus the light has had but little effect upon hearts and minds. “Be zealous, and repent.” RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 4

Will the people of God now arouse from their carnal lethargy? Will they make the most of present blessings and warnings, and let nothing come between their souls and the light God would have shine upon them? Let every worker for God comprehend the situation, and place the Sentinel before our churches, explaining its contents, and urging home the warnings and facts it contains. May the Lord help all to redeem the time. Let not unsanctified feelings lead any one to resist the appeals of the Spirit of God. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 5

The word of God is not silent in regard to this momentous time, and it will be understood by all who do not resist his Spirit by determining not to hear, not to receive, not to obey. The Lord's messages of light have been before us for years, but there have been influences working indirectly to make of none effect the warnings coming through the Sentinel and the “Testimonies,” and through other instrumentalities which the Lord sends to his people. Stand not in the way of this light; let it not be disregarded or set aside as unworthy of attention or credence. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 6

If you wait for light to come in a way that will please every one, you will wait in vain. If you wait for louder calls or better opportunities, the light will be withdrawn, and you will be left in darkness. Grasp every ray of light that God sends. Men who neglect to heed the calls of the Spirit and word of God, because obedience involves a cross, will lose their souls. They will see when the books are opened, and every man's work, and the motives that prompted him, are scrutinized by the Judge of all the earth, what losses they have sustained. We should ever cherish the fear of the Lord, and realize that, individually, we are standing before the Lord of hosts, and no thought, no word, no act in connection with the work of God should savor of selfishness, or of indifference. RH December 18, 1888, Art. B, par. 7

E. G. White.