The Review and Herald


October 21, 1884

Remarks at Michigan Health and Temperance Association


“I feel distressed as I look upon our people and know that they are holding very loosely the temperance question. It has been a mystery to me how any of our people with all the light they have had, could manufacture and sell cider. From the light God has given me, every member among us should sign the pledge and be connected with the temperance association. Some have backslidden and tampered with tea and coffee. Those who break the laws of health will become blinded in their minds and break the law of God. We should unite with other people just as far as we can and not sacrifice principle. This does not mean that we should join their lodges and societies, but that we should let them know that we are most heartily in sympathy with the temperance question. We should not work solely for our own people, but should bestow labor also upon noble minds outside of our ranks. We should be at the head in the temperance reform. We want our sisters who are now injuring themselves by wrong habits to put them away and come to the front and be workers in reform. The reason why many of us will fall in the time of trouble is because of laxity in temperance and indulgence of appetite. RH October 21, 1884, par. 1

“Moses preached a great deal on this subject, and the reason the people did not go through to the promised land was because of repeated indulgence of appetite. Nine-tenths of the wickedness among the children of today is caused by intemperance in eating and drinking. Adam and Eve lost Eden through the indulgence of appetite, and we can only regain it by the denial of the same.” RH October 21, 1884, par. 2