The Review and Herald


October 28, 1909

A Remarkable Trip

W. C. White


In a discourse delivered in the College View Church, Sabbath, April 17, Mrs. White said: RH October 28, 1909, par. 1

“We should thank God constantly that he has made so plain the work that he would have us do. When we feel like complaining, let us look to ourselves, and see if we are not neglecting some duty. Let us see if we are not leaving undone some work that God requires us to do. We can not afford to misrepresent the truth before the world and before the Lord. Let us remember that we are his workmen,—laborers together with him. It is he who has put this work into the hands of his church on earth. RH October 28, 1909, par. 2

“We need the inspiration that comes from earnestly seeking God, that he may give us a sense of the greatness of the work, and may open our hearts and minds to understand the responsibilities resting upon the church of God in these last days. We can not afford to neglect any duty that devolves upon those who are preparing for the courts of God. RH October 28, 1909, par. 3

“I thank God that we have this school. We are not in the school work to make money; we are here to give the youth a well-balanced education. To this end they must educate their muscles as well as their minds for service. The physical powers should be brought into exercise, that the brain powers may not be overtaxed. We want this school to stand forth as an example in every way. You may have a large school; but if you would have its work a success, you must co-operate with the Lord and with one another.” RH October 28, 1909, par. 4

Regarding their duty to maintain a right influence in the home, and to co-operate with the teachers in the school, the following words were addressed to parents: RH October 28, 1909, par. 5

“Fathers and mothers, wake up. You may have in the school those who minister the word of God to the students; but you must co-operate with these teachers by carrying out in the home life the teachings of the Bible. If you will study earnestly to know the will of God, you will find encouragement to do the work that God has laid upon you. If you will do your duty, the God of heaven will act his part. Parents who leave to the school the work of making Christians of their children will meet with terrible loss. The youth need the righteous influence of their parents in every word and action, in all their conversation and habits. As long as they are in the world, they are to be trained to obey the Word of God, and thus prepare for a place in the city of God. RH October 28, 1909, par. 6

“It is the privilege of parents to take their children with them to the gates of the city of God, saying, I have tried to instruct my children to love the Lord, to do his will, and to glorify him. To such gates will be thrown open, and parents and children will enter in. But all can not enter. Some are left outside with their children, whose characters have not been transformed by submission to the will of God. The words are spoken: You have neglected home duties. You have failed to do the work that would have fitted the soul for a home in heaven. You can not enter. The gates are closed to the children because they have not learned to do the will of God, and to parents because they have neglected the responsibilities resting upon them. RH October 28, 1909, par. 7

“Fathers and mothers, there is a work for you to do. You have a school established here; but you are not to leave the burden of the training of your children with the teachers of the school. It is your privilege and duty to link right up with them by carrying forward this work of Christian education in your homes. Fathers and mothers need to be wide-awake, that their spiritual life may not decline. There is an eternity before us. The youth are to graduate from their schools in this world to the school above. If we are found worthy, Christ will open to us the gates of the city of God, inviting fathers and mothers and children to enter in, so that parents may not be separated from their children, or children from their parents. RH October 28, 1909, par. 8

“Fathers and mothers are to educate their children to obedience, teaching them to keep the law of the Lord, which is perfect, converting the soul. This is a most important work. If you neglect this work because your time and attention are given to the world, you will defeat the purpose the Lord has for the youth in preparing them for the service of God at home and in foreign fields. RH October 28, 1909, par. 9

“Every family that finds entrance to the city of God will have been faithful workers in their earthly homes, fulfilling the responsibilities that Christ has laid on them. There Christ, the heavenly Teacher, will lead his people to the tree of life, and he will explain to them the truths they could not in this life understand. In that future life his people will gain the higher education in its completeness. Those who enter the city of God will have the golden crown placed upon their heads. That will be a joyful scene, which none of us can afford to miss. We shall cast our crowns at the feet of Jesus, and again and again we will give him the glory, and praise his holy name. Angels will unite in the songs of triumph. Touching their golden harps, they will fill all heaven with rich music and songs to the Lamb.” RH October 28, 1909, par. 10

Sanitarium, Cal.