The Review and Herald


June 16, 1859

Testimony for the Church No. 5.

The Lord has visited me again in great mercy. I am preparing a Tract which will probably be ready as soon as orders can reach me. The subjects of the Tract are—Testimony to the Laodiceans—Systematic Benevolence—The Talents, Matt. xxv—The unjust steward, Luke xvi—Co-partnership with unbelievers, and slack management of worldly matters—Idle words—Oath-taking—Meeting-house building, &c. I want all the friends of the cause to have it, pay, or no pay. Those who choose, may send ten cts. a copy, others may send more or nothing, as they choose. Let the poor who have no money, be sure to send. Address Ellen G. White, Battle Creek, Mich. RH June 16, 1859, par. 1

E. G. W.