The Review and Herald


June 16, 1903

The Canvassing Work


We are living in a time when a great work is to be done. There is a famine in the land for the pure gospel, and the bread of life is to be given to hungry souls. There is no better opportunity to do this work than that offered to the consecrated canvasser. Thousands of books containing the precious light of present truth should be placed in the homes of the people in our large cities. RH June 16, 1903, Art. B, par. 1

Canvassers are needed to take up the work of carrying these silent messengers of truth to the people,—canvassers who feel a burden for souls, and who can speak words in season to those who are seeking for light. Some may say, “I am not a minister; I can not preach to the people.” You may not be able to preach, but you can be an evangelist, ministering to the needs of those with whom you come in contact; you can be God's helping hand, working as the disciples worked; you can ask those you meet if they love the Lord Jesus. RH June 16, 1903, Art. B, par. 2

The Canvasser an Evangelist

The canvassing work is a work of great responsibility, and it means much not only to those who are engaged in it, but to the people for whom they labor. Let the canvasser remember that his work is evangelistic in its nature, and that God wants those whom he meets to be saved. Let him keep his heart under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Let him keep the Bible near him for reference, and when an opportunity presents itself to speak words of truth, let him pray for grace to speak wisely, that to those to whom he speaks his words may be a savor of life unto life. RH June 16, 1903, Art. B, par. 3

The canvasser should make every effort in his power to let the light of truth shine forth in good works. In his discharge of duty he should shed about him the fragrance of Christian courtesy, improving every opportunity to perform acts of helpful service. He should educate himself to speak distinctly and impressively. He should learn daily in the school of the great Teacher. Christ will surely help those who hide in him, depending on him for strength. RH June 16, 1903, Art. B, par. 4

Mrs. E. G. White