The Review and Herald


February 21, 1856

Brethren and Sisters


Brethren and Sisters,

Let us remember the servants of God that devote themselves to his cause, and faithfully labor for the salvation of souls. Let us not forget that they sacrifice their pleasant homes, the society of their families, and travel in the heat and cold for weeks and months together. They often feel weary and sad, and perhaps when you least realize it, are troubled about their families at home. Often they have not means to send to the relief or support of their families. The servants of God need your support and comfort. Be awake. Feel and see their wants. Look closely, and see if they are comfortably clothed. Don't wait for them to express their wants. This perhaps they will not do. It is your duty to inquire into their wants. Don't neglect your duty, and think others will attend to this. Lay aside your selfish and sensitive feelings, and enter right into their wants. RH February 21, 1856, par. 1

Sisters, we can do something in this matter. We can deny ourselves of articles we do not actually need—wrought collars, undersleeves, “stomachers,” & c., which are expressly forbidden in God's Word. Isaiahs 4:1. RH February 21, 1856, par. 2

Lay by yourselves in store what is spent to gratify pride, and it will make quite a sum towards defraying the expenses of the families of the messengers. They are continually making a sacrifice. They are deprived of the society of their companions, and they should have our warm sympathy, and our fervent prayers. RH February 21, 1856, par. 3

Our dear Bro. and Sr. Bates deserve our prayers, sympathy and support. We will remember them in their self-denial and sacrifice, and see that their wants are well supplied. RH February 21, 1856, par. 4

E. G. W.