Ms 112, 1906

Ms 112, 1906

Emphasize Bible Subjects

St. Helena, California

October 25, 1906

Previously unpublished.

I wish to speak to all that I should. I am very desirous that your state paper should contain more matter. Cannot you enlarge it and get the very best talent you can find to edit it and stir up the minds of the people in Australia to enlarge your paper and then let reports go in that paper of what you are doing? Let all be aroused to let their pens dwell upon Bible subjects that relate to the history—past, present, and future—and circulate the paper everywhere. It can be a speaking organ for the press and for the religious Bible subjects. It must contain living matter of Bible truth. 21LtMs, Ms 112, 1906, par. 1

Consider this matter, Elder Olsen, consider. We need to get reading matter into the hands of a large number. 21LtMs, Ms 112, 1906, par. 2