Messages to Young People


Our Relation to Mistakes

Do all in your power to gain perfection; but do not think that because you make mistakes you are excluded from God's service. The Lord knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust. As you use faithfully the talents God has given you, you will gain knowledge that will make you dissatisfied with self. You will see the need of sifting away harmful habits, lest by a wrong example you injure others. MYP 226.3

Work diligently, giving to others the truth so precious to you. Then when there are vacancies to be filled, you will hear the words, “Come up higher.” You may be reluctant to respond; but move forward in faith, bringing into God's work a fresh, honest zeal. MYP 226.4

The secret of winning souls can be learned only from the great Teacher. As the dew and the still showers fall gently on the withering plant, so our words are to fall gently and lovingly on the souls we are seeking to win. We are not to wait till opportunities come to us; we are to seek for them, keeping the heart uplifted in prayer that God may help us to speak the right word at the right time. When an opportunity presents itself, let no excuse lead you to neglect it; for its improvement may mean the salvation of a soul from death.—The Youth's Instructor, February 6, 1902. MYP 227.1