Medical Ministry


Educate in the Simplicity of Christ

The Lord has instructed us that in our institutions of education we should ever be striving for the perfection of character to be found in the life of Christ and in His instruction to His disciples. Having received our commission from the highest authority, we are to educate, educate, educate, in the simplicity of Christ. Our aim must be to reach the highest standard in every feature of our work. He who healed thousands with a touch and a word is our Physician. The precious truths contained in His teachings are to be our front guard and our rereward. MM 78.4

The standard set for our sanitariums and schools is a high one, and a great responsibility rests upon the physicians and teachers connected with these institutions. Efforts should be made to secure teachers who will instruct after Christ's manner of teaching, regarding this of more value than any human methods. Let them honor the educational standards established by Christ, and following His instruction give their students lessons in faith and in holiness. MM 79.1

Christ was sent of the Father to represent His character and will. Let us follow His example in laboring to reach the people where they are. Teachers who are not particular to harmonize with the teachings of Christ, and who follow the customs and practices of worldly physicians, are out of line with the charge that the Saviour has given us.—Letter 61, 1910. MM 79.2