Medical Ministry


Christ's Part and Ours

The Saviour's work of ministering to suffering humanity was always combined with His ministry of the word. He preached the gospel and He healed infirmities both by the same mighty power. He will do the same today; but we must do our part by bringing the sick in touch with the Mighty Healer. The Saviour left the courts of glory and came to our world to bear temptation and resist evil that man might have power to take hold of His strength. The soul that comes to Christ by living faith receives His power and is healed of his disease. MM 62.5

Today we are combining the work of ministry and of healing as we have never done before. We are working to educate our people how to treat the body in sickness, how to regain health, and how to keep well when health is restored.—Manuscript 95, 1908. MM 63.1