Medical Ministry


Shall Self Rule?

There is need for every physician closely and critically to examine himself. What is his religious experience? Does he allow self to rule? Does he make his own wishes and desires supreme? Does he keep the glory of God ever before him? Is he learning daily of Jesus? If this is your experience, those with whom you are connected will be led nearer to the Saviour. Why? Because you are constantly beholding Him who is the way, the truth, and the life.... MM 47.2

Temptation to Feel Self-sufficient

I wish to say that there is danger of our physicians’ taking themselves into their own hands, thinking that they understand best what they should do. They think that those who offer them counsel do not understand their capabilities or appreciate their value. This is the stumbling stone over which some at least have fallen. You are not beyond the temptation of thinking that you can do better work alone than when linked up with your brethren. The very ones who think this are the ones who need the companionship and help of a fellow laborer. MM 47.3

My brother, the Lord needs your help in His work. Will you not be His helping hand? It would be a serious mistake for you to accept a worldly position, where it would not be possible for you to do the medical missionary work that God desires you to do. Do not make this mistake. Place yourself under the guidance of the greatest Medical Missionary the world has ever known. Under His direction you will gain increased capabilities for doing His work. MM 47.4

The Lord's people are to testify, by Christlike lives, that God has a people on the earth who represent the pure and holy company that will meet round the throne of God when the redeemed are gathered into the Holy City. Those who on this earth love and obey God will be accounted true and pure and loyal, worthy to dwell with Him in the heavenly courts.—Letter 41, 1903. MM 48.1