Medical Ministry


An Honor to God

The God of heaven is honored by an institution managed in this way. The ---- Sanitarium was established in the order of God, that men and women might better understand the virtues of the tree of life. In His mercy God has made the sanitarium such a power in the relief of physical suffering that thousands are drawn to it to be cured of their maladies, and very often they are not only cured physically, but from the Saviour they receive the forgiveness of their sins, and they identify themselves completely with Christ, with His interests, His honor. Their sins are taken away and are placed at Christ's account. His righteousness is imputed to them. The healing balm is applied to the soul. They receive the grace of Christ and go forth to impart to others the light of truth. The Lord makes them His witnesses. Their testimony is, He was made “to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” They never forget the prayers, the songs of praise and thanksgiving, that they heard while at the sanitarium. Can we realize how much God is glorified by this work?—Letter 38, 1899. MM 27.3