Medical Ministry


Faithful Guardians of Their Powers

Those who put their whole souls into the medical missionary work, who labor untiringly in peril, in privation, in watchings oft, in weariness and painfulness, are in danger of forgetting that they must be faithful guardians of their own mental and physical powers. They are not to allow themselves to be overtaxed. But they are filled with zeal and earnestness, and they sometimes move unadvisedly, putting themselves under too heavy a strain. Unless such workers make a change, the result will be that sickness will come upon them and they will break down. MM 292.3

While God's workers are to be filled with a noble enthusiasm, and with a determination to follow the example of the divine worker, the great Medical Missionary, they are not to crowd too many things into the day's work. If they do, they will soon have to leave the work entirely, broken down because they have tried to carry too heavy a load. My brother, it is right for you to make the best use of the advantages given you of God in earnest efforts for the relief of suffering and for the saving of souls. But do not sacrifice your health. MM 292.4

We have a calling as much higher than common, selfish interests as the heavens are higher than the earth. But this thought should not lead the willing, hardworking servants of God to carry all the burdens they can possibly bear, without periods of rest. MM 293.1

How grand it would be if among all who were engaged in carrying out God's wonderful plan for the salvation of souls, there were no idlers! How much more would be accomplished if everyone would say, “God holds me accountable to be wide-awake, and to let my efforts speak in favor of the truth I profess to believe! I am to be a practical worker, not a daydreamer.” It is because there are so many daydreamers that true workers have to carry double burdens.—Letter 291, 1904. MM 293.2