Medical Ministry


Earnest Appeal to Physicians

I am concerned because so many things engage the minds of our physicians which keep them from the work that God would have them do as evangelists. From the light that God has given me I know that the living preacher who is consecrated and devoted, and knows how to put his trust in God, is greatly needed. We need one hundred workers where now we have one. There is a great work to be done before satanic opposition shall close up the way and our present opportunities for labor shall be lost. Time is rapidly passing. Our publications are numerous, but the Lord calls for the men and women in our churches who have the light to engage in genuine missionary work. Let them in all humility exercise their God-given talents in proclaiming the message that should come to the world at this time. MM 241.4

I hope you will exercise all your capabilities in this work. Present the importance of present truth from the physician's standpoint. The Lord has declared that the educated physician will find entrance in our cities where other men cannot. Teach the message of health reform. This will have an influence with the people. MM 242.1

Let us study our Bibles, and teach the words of truth. Let us do as Christ's apostles did; let us offer prayer for the sick, for there are many who cannot have the advantages of our sanitariums. The Lord will remove infirmities in answer to prayer. Gospel ministers should be able to present the subject of health reform in its simplicity. If this phase of present truth is presented in a clear, simple, Christlike manner, it will have an effect upon the people. There will be a response from many hearts.—Letter 128, 1909. MM 242.2