Medical Ministry


Healing Power in Outdoor Life

The surroundings of a sanitarium should be as attractive as possible. Out-of-door life is a means of gaining health and happiness. As the sick look upon the beautiful scenery, as they see the flowers in their loveliness, they will venture to take a few steps outdoors to gather some of the flowers—precious messengers of God's love to His family in affliction here below. In flower garden and orchard, the sick will find health, cheerfulness, and happy thoughts.... MM 232.3

What an influence an outdoor life among the flowers and fruit-laden trees has upon those who are sick both in body and in mind! After they stay for a short time at a sanitarium situated in the midst of the beauties of nature, hope begins to take the place of despair. The heart is softened by the objects of beauty in nature, that the great Master Artist has given to mankind as pictures in which are portrayed His goodness and love.... MM 232.4

Encourage the patients to live out of doors. Devise plans to keep them outdoors, where they will become acquainted with God through nature. As they take exercise in the open air, restoration will begin in body, mind, and soul. Life in the open air, away from the congested cities, is health-restoring. The pure air has in it health and life. As it is breathed in, it has an invigorating effect on the whole system.... MM 232.5

Those who are connected with our sanitariums should make every effort to encourage the patients to live an outdoor life, so far as it is possible for them to do so. Nature is the great physician that will heal them of all their maladies, both spiritual and physical. Everything that can be done should be done to give those who come to our sanitariums for treatment the opportunity of living as much as possible in the open air. The patients should have the advantages that are given by natural surroundings. Nature is the great restorer of both soul and body.—Manuscript 43, 1902. MM 232.6