Medical Ministry


Reformation to Precede Miracle Working

I am so thankful for the medical missionary work, carried in gospel lines. It is to be taught, it is to be carried forward; for it is the very work that Christ did when on this earth. He was the greatest Missionary the world ever saw. MM 15.3

You may say, “Why not, then, take hold of the work, and heal the sick as Christ did?” I answer, You are not ready. Some have believed; some have been healed; but there are many who make themselves sick by intemperate eating or by indulging in other wrong habits. When they get sick, shall we pray for them to be raised up, that they may carry on the very same work again? There must be a reformation throughout our ranks; the people must reach a higher standard before we can expect the power of God to be manifested in a marked manner for the healing of the sick.... MM 15.4

If we will take hold of the Master, take hold of all the power He has given us, the salvation of God will be revealed. Let me tell you that the sick will be healed when you have faith to come to God in the right way. We thank God that we have the medical missionary work. Wherever we carry the gospel, we can teach the people how to take care of themselves.—The General Conference Bulletin, April 3, 1901. MM 16.1