Medical Ministry


Training for Various Lines of Work

In the sanitariums workers are to be trained, some of whom will be connected with the institution while others will go out as medical missionaries. These, in whatever line of work they are to labor, whether as physicians, nurses, or helpers, should be firm upon the principles of health reform and all the points of our faith, that as they come in contact with the patients, or go out into all the civilized world and to the regions that lie in heathen darkness, the truth of God on these subjects may be given to them. As these workers enter upon their duties, the efficiency of experienced men and women is increased a hundredfold, and the work for this time is far more rapidly accomplished. MM 199.4

Proper persons need to be selected and trained, persons who will do honor to every branch of the work. The consecration of their talents must be very real, and then God will bless their efforts. He is the source of all wisdom and grace. In His strength defects and ignorance may be overcome. MM 200.1

Every physician, every nurse, every helper, who has anything to do in God's service, must aim at perfection and under the discipline of the greatest Teacher the world has ever known, his course must ever tend upward toward this aim. All who are connected with the medical missionary work must be learners. No one must stop to think, I cannot do this. He must say instead, God requires me to be perfect. What did Christ say in regard to this matter?—“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:45. MM 200.2

No one who allows known defects to remain in his manners or his character is excused. Those connected with medical missionary work are connected with God's service, and they must try to reach His standard. He will give them wisdom and understanding. We are to show a superiority in intellect, in understanding, in skill, and knowledge, because we believe in God and in His power to work upon human hearts. MM 200.3

Read the history of Daniel. The Lord would have His people reach the highest round of the ladder, that they may glorify Him by possessing the ability He is willing to bestow. He has a treasure-house of knowledge from which we can all draw. Then let us realize our defects and improve under the instruction of God. Then the light and grace of God will be reflected to the world as the highest education, which sanctifies the receiver. MM 200.4

The religion of Jesus Christ never degrades; it never makes men and women coarse and rough. Incorrect speech, wrong habits, must be overcome. God would have every man correct in speech, correct in habits, possessing knowledge that will give him a standing place among men. I present this matter as the Lord has presented it to me. Let us determine to put ourselves to the task of learning in the school of Christ. MM 200.5

The Training of Nurses

In the training of nurses there must be an organized plan. They are learning a most valuable trade; and many temptations will come to them through offers of large wages and of places where they will have a better chance to earn money, if they will go with some patient. This point must be guarded, or there will surely be trouble.... MM 201.1

Each one must have the spirit of self-sacrifice and self-denial, of which Christ has given us an example in His life. We are to feel our obligation to do the very best we can. Those who have many talents and those who have few are to work unitedly, as a wheel within a wheel. And if all feel their responsibility and accountability to God, they will do His will, acting their part according to His appointment.—Manuscript 162, 1897. MM 201.2