Medical Ministry


Opening Fast-Closed Doors

Every medical practitioner may through faith in Christ have in his possession a cure of the highest value—a remedy for the sin-sick soul. The physician who is converted and sanctified through the truth is registered in heaven as a laborer together with God, a follower of Jesus Christ. MM 188.2

Through the sanctification of the truth God makes physicians and nurses skillful in a knowledge of how to treat the sick, and this work is opening the fast-closed doors of many hearts. Men and women are led to see and understand the truth which is needed to save the soul as well as the body. This is an element that gives character to the work for this time. MM 188.3

The medical missionary work is as the right hand and arm to the third angel's message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world; and physicians, managers, and workers in any line, in acting faithfully their part, are doing the work of the message. From them the sound of the truth will go forth to every nation and kindred and tongue and people. In this work the heavenly angels bear a part. They awaken spiritual joy and melody in the hearts of those who have been freed from suffering, and joy and thanksgiving to God arise from many hearts that have received the precious truth.... MM 188.4

Point to a Sin-Pardoning Saviour

The physician will find that it is for his present and eternal good to follow the Lord's way with suffering humanity. The mind that God has made, He can mold without the power of man; but He honors men by asking them to cooperate with Him in this great work. When the Spirit of God works on the mind of the afflicted one, and he inquires for truth, let the physician work for the precious soul as Christ would work for it. Do not urge upon him any special doctrine, but point him to Jesus as a sin-pardoning Saviour. Angels of God will make impressions on the human mind. Some will refuse to be illuminated by the light which God would let shine into the chambers of the mind and into the soul temple; but many will respond to the light, and from these minds every form of deception and error will be swept away.—Letter 205, 1899. MM 188.5