Medical Ministry


Not With Outward Show

Our physicians are to show Christlike simplicity in every line of their work. If they are clothed with the panoply of heaven—Christlike meekness and lowliness—they will be truly successful. But conformity to the world, to gain its favor and recognition, will bring weakness. No such concession is to be made. Our hope and strength do not depend on outside appearances. Those who are influenced against the truth by a lack of extravagance in house, in furniture, in dress, in equipage, show that they are incapable of understanding the merit of truth. They are not capable of appreciating the gospel of Christ. God is dishonored when those connected with the work which is to prepare a people to stand the test of the time of trouble before us, forsake Him to follow the fashions of the world.... MM 166.5

You are not to seek that popularity which has led far away from the simplicity of Christ. God is to be your Leader. Those who are Christians will stand in the strength of God. They will show in their lives the superiority which God gives to obedient subjects, those who are loyal to His commandments. Those who believe the truth will never be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The principles of truth are to pervade our medical institutions. And then, as those who have followed the customs and fashions of the world shall in their suffering come to these institutions, they will see a simplicity that will charm their senses. They will feel the unseen presence of heavenly angels.—Manuscript 172, 1899. MM 167.1