Medical Ministry


Danger in Separation From the Gospel

There is danger of Dr. -----'s seeking to meet the standard of the world in his ideas and practice. He needs to seek the Lord at every step. He should keep in view, not his own glory, but the glory of the Lord.... And he is in danger of setting the medical missionary work first, making it the body instead of the arm. He will not succeed in this, and he must not attempt that which he cannot accomplish. He will be ambitious to do great things by separating the medical missionary work from the gospel ministry; but the Lord does not lead His physicians to separate the medical missionary work from the gospel ministry. Truth, present truth for this time, is to be believed and acted upon in connection with the principles of health reform. MM 159.4

The Sabbath a Test for this Time

The sanitariums which are established are to be closely and inseparably bound up with the gospel. The Lord has given instruction that the gospel is to be carried forward; and the gospel includes health reform in all its phases. Our work is to enlighten the world; for it is blind to the movements which are taking place, preparing the way for the plagues which God will permit to come upon the world. God's faithful watchmen must give the warning. MM 159.5

Dr. ----- has a desire to do large things. He is in danger of spending his energies outside the sanitarium, instead of devoting all his powers to making the institution a power in connection with the gospel message and the Sabbath reform. Dr. ----- needs to place himself where he will understand the truth for this time. This is his only safety as a physician. He needs to have his feet shod with the preparation of the gospel. MM 160.1

He is in danger of becoming confused and of failing to see the elevated, holy influence which the Sabbath question is to exert on the work for this time. He will consider it necessary to do on the Sabbath many things which should not be done on that day. If he seeks to embrace so many responsibilities, he will come to pay very little regard to the Sabbath. Such an influence will be a curse to the institution. Those who are connected with our sanitariums are to be taught to regard the Sabbath question as the great test for this time. God desires His people to bind medical missionary work up with the work of the third angel's message. This is the work that will restore the moral image of God in man....[See Observance of Sabbath, Section 11.] MM 160.2

Greater Power in Truth than in Worldly Show

Dr. ----- is not to study how he can best meet the requirements of the world. He is not to pattern after the world in his appearance and equipage, flattering himself that this is the way to meet the higher classes. The gospel forbids the cherishing of worldly ideas. You may ask where. I point you to the life of Christ. Think of what He was before He came to our world—Commander of all the heavenly intelligences. How did He come to this earth? We know Him as a poor man, who to the very close of His earthly history maintained His humility. The idea that outward show gives influence to a man or his position is one of Satan's lies. Let no man climb above the methods and example of our Lord. There is no higher standard than the life of Christ. As a people we are to shun the pretense of the world, which has made men and women what they are today. We are not to copy the customs and practices of worldly-wise men in order to gain favor or influence. Christlikeness is true Christianity. In the truth there is a power which no outward appearance or display can give, which no worldly suppositions or opinions can change or alter.—Manuscript 172, 1899. MM 160.3