Medical Ministry


Counting the Cost

Great care must be manifested in the establishing of sanitariums; for this is an important work. Those having the work in charge should counsel with experienced brethren regarding the best plans to follow. They should count the cost of every step taken. They should not launch out into the work without knowing how much money they have to invest. MM 153.3

The first question to be settled is, “Should there be a sanitarium in this locality?” If there should be, the path of duty is plain. But there is another question, and a very important one, to settle, “Are those who shall be entrusted with the work of planning and devising for the enterprise prepared to move cautiously, not in self-confidence, but in the fear of the Lord? Will they take counsel from those who have had experience in the work?” MM 153.4

A prevention of failure is worth far more than can be estimated. Let not the young men who have been placed in charge of certain lines of work become uneasy, restless, and venturesome. Let them learn wisdom from the failures of others. MM 153.5

Let no one suppose that it is an easy matter to manage an institution. I have seen so many take up this work and fail. A man is desirous of standing as the leader of some enterprise. A sanitarium is his choice. Taking up this work in his own strength, he makes an entire failure. Unless the men who stand as managers of our institutions are humble enough to be managed by the Lord Jesus, they will move unadvisedly. In order for men to strengthen the cause of God, their ability must be sanctified, that they may reason wisely from cause to effect. MM 153.6

The interests of our sanitariums must be guarded. All should feel it a privilege to do their best to advance medical missionary work. God requires His people to refrain from doing anything which will interfere with the work of another. It is not generous or right for a man to start sanitarium work on independent lines in a place where a sanitarium is already established. It is quite probable that the closest economy is required to conduct properly one sanitarium, furnishing proper facilities for treatment and healthful food for patients and helpers. MM 154.1

Every business transaction tells its story regarding the character of the individual. No haphazard work should be done. No movements should be made in a selfish spirit, irrespective of the rights and property of others.—Manuscript 93, 1901. MM 154.2