Lt 62, 1899


Lt 62, 1899


“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia

April 2, 1899

Previously unpublished.

Dear Sister:

I have been conversing with Sister Wilson in reference to our getting means for carrying forward the work of God in the opening fields where the truth has never been preached. The school needs means to carry on the work that is essential there. The new building, which is now receiving its finishing work, will soon be opened, and now we are in need of a hospital, where our sick can be cared for. Some may say, Why not take them to the hospitals already built? There are several reasons why we do not do this. We do not wish to trust our dear ones in places where drugs are freely administered, and where the sick are often hurried out of the world for want of the treatment they should have. Lt62-1899.1

Some time ago one doctor was called from either Sydney or Newcastle to see a very sick man. He gave him no treatment, neither prescribed any treatment for him, but charged ten guineas for the visit. One of our physicians came to see the man, and found that if he did not soon receive assistance, he would in a little while be beyond the power of earthly help. For days he had no passage from the bowels or the bladder. For two weeks after this, our doctor worked over this man, and through the blessing of God saved his life. We have seen and heard of many who have had to pay out money in this way and have received nothing in return. At times our house has had to be a hospital. Sara, my nurse and secretary, has travelled miles to attend the sick, and she has always had success. Lt62-1899.2

Calls are made from different places for us to come and speak to the people. They want to hear the truth, but they are as sheep without a shepherd. Their minister seldom comes to preach to them. Today I had an appointment at Martinsville, five miles from where we live. There are two little churches at this place, very small and rough. But the people are so afraid that we shall convert some of their number that they will not give us the use of them. Last Sunday Elder Daniells spoke to a little company in the open air. All seemed interested. They were seated on the Lord’s earth, covered with its green velvet carpet, with heaven’s dome above them. I was to speak at a meeting of this kind this afternoon, but the rain came, and we could not go. A number of these people are interested in the truth. They are themselves struggling to secure homes, but they are willing to do what they can to help us build our hospital. Lt62-1899.3

We must have a little house built at Dora Creek in which the people can assemble for worship. We cannot expect them to walk four miles to church. We now hold meetings there in a hired room. From forty to fifty persons assemble each Sabbath in this place, and as the room is small, it is uncomfortably crowded. If we can build a small meetinghouse there, all the people will do their best to help. Lt62-1899.4

I tell you these things that you may see how we are situated. We would be glad to receive your help in any of these enterprises. Will you help us build our hospital? We shall be glad to receive any donations you may feel free to give. We are drawing from every resource possible, but the people here are in great poverty, and they can do but little. I am doing to the best of my ability, and yet there is much to be done. May the Lord bless you and enable you to co-operate with Him in advancing His work. He says, “We are laborers together with God.” [1 Corinthians 3:9.] The Lord expects us all to do our best, and when we do this, He will help us. May the Lord help you, my sister, and make your heart willing to consecrate your talents of influence and money to help the work along. By doing this you will lay up treasure against the time to come, that you may lay hold on eternal life. Lt62-1899.5

This is our time to work. Waiting and watching and praying, we are to prepare the way of the Lord, to make in the desert a highway for our God. The warning must go. The message must be proclaimed to all peoples, kindreds, tongues, and nations. The Lord will help you and me to act our part, to stand in our lot and in our place as consecrated channels through whom the Lord can prepare the people to stand in the last great day. We must be wide awake now. We must be vigilant watchers, having the oil of grace in our vessels with our lamps. Lt62-1899.6

Be of good courage under trial. Do not be cast down. Look upward. Bear patiently. Keep the windows of the soul closed to earthly things, and throw them open wide heavenward, that the sweet, pure breezes of heaven may come in and give joy and health to your souls. Let us crowd all the good possible into our earthly life, for we are homeward bound. Lt62-1899.7

In love. Lt62-1899