Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161]


Meeting the Suggestion of Direct Distribution

Yesterday I had presented to me the advisability of supplying my books direct to agents in fields where few are sold. Thus I would receive a larger income.... 2MR 316.2

During the night I had instruction as to the best course to follow at this crisis. Our work now is large; many new books must be brought out, and we must handle all parts of the work wisely. We must do our best to encourage our publishing houses in America and in foreign countries. Should I as author take up the work of handling my books myself, discouragement would be brought on our offices of publication. We have urged our publishing houses to give up commercial work, and they have done this. Should we bring confusion into the subscription book work, it would give them occasion to return to commercial work, and this would bring in delays and hindrances to the work of filling the world with our literature. 2MR 316.3

At this period of our work we must guard every step we take in reference to the publication of our books.... 2MR 316.4

I was instructed by One of authority that our work is to be carried on conscientiously by our own believing people. We are to unite our forces solidly, and work for the glory of God, multiplying the evidences of truth in every possible way. The Lord God is our Counselor. Christ is our Mediator and Saviour. We are to bring into the work every living agency who feels that he is chosen of God to do, not a common, commercial work, but a work that will give light and truth, Bible truth, to the world.—Letter 72, 1907, pp. 1-3. (To E. R. Palmer, February 25, 1907.) 2MR 317.1

Released November 12, 1963.