Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161]


MR No. 154—The Purpose of True Education; The Inspiring Geology of Europe; Martyrs To Be Resurrected

[Material requested for use in The Journal of True Education.]

In educational pursuits, as in all others, selfish, earthly aims are dangerous to the soul. In educational lines many ideas are advanced, which proceed not from the High and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity, but from those who make scholastic studies an idol, and worship a science that divorces God from the education. Yet because these errors are clothed in an attractive garb, they are widely received. The minds of many are not so closely connected with God that they can distinguish between the holy and the unholy, the sacred and the common. 2MR 301.1

It is well to gain a knowledge of the sciences. But the acquirement of this knowledge is the ambition of a large class who are unconsecrated, and who have no thought as to the use they will make of their attainments. The world is full of men and women who manifest no sense of obligation to God for their entrusted gifts. They do not realize that God has entrusted them with talents, not for self-glorification, but for His own name's glory. They are eager for distinction. It is the object of their lives to obtain the highest place. They do not use their endowments in bringing their fellow men to Jesus. They are not helping others to study His life and character. They are not bringing them in contact with the divine life, and inspiring them with zeal to impart the light of truth. 2MR 301.2

There are men whom God has qualified with more than ordinary ability. They are deep thinkers, energetic, and thorough. But many of them are bent upon the attainment of their own selfish ends, without regard to the honor and glory of God. Some of these have seen the light of truth, but because they honored themselves and did not make God first and last and best in everything, they have wandered away from Bible truth into skepticism and infidelity. When these are arrested by the chastisements of God, and through affliction are led to inquire for the old paths, the mist of skepticism is swept from their minds. Some of them repent, return to the old love, and set their feet in the way cast up for the ransomed of the Lord to walk in. No longer are they actuated by the love of money or by selfish ambition. The Spirit of God working upon the heart is valued by them more highly than gold or the praise of men. When this amazing change is wrought, the thoughts are directed by the Spirit of God into new channels, the character is transformed, and the aspirations of the soul reach out toward heavenly things. 2MR 301.3

True religion has power today. It enables men to overcome the stubborn influence of pride, selfishness, and unbelief, and in the simplicity of true godliness to reveal a living connection with heaven. The grace which Christ imparts makes it possible for men to rise superior to all the infatuating temptations of Satan. It will lead them to the cross of Jesus as active, devoted, loyal workers for the advancement of the truth of heaven. 2MR 302.1

Fidelity to God has marked the heroes of faith from age to age. As they have been brought conspicuously before the world, their light has shone forth. Their obedience to the command of Christ, “Go forward,” has led others to glorify God. 2MR 302.2

There are today moral heroes, men and women who are living noble lives of self-denial. They have no ambition for worldly fame. Their will is subordinate to the will of God. The love of God inspires their ministry. To do good and to save souls is their highest aim. 2MR 302.3

These have gained genuine knowledge, even the knowledge set forth by Christ in the words, “This is life eternal, that they might know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent” [John 17:3].—Manuscript 51, 1900, 1-3. (“Knowledge, Spurious and Genuine,” no date.) 2MR 303.1

[Material requested for Ministry article.] 2MR 303.2

The words of the speaker, bringing the form of sound doctrine into actual contact with the hearers, will result in the saving of souls.—Letter 4, 1910, p. 2. (To D. H. Kress, January 13, 1910.) 2MR 303.3

[Material requested by Ethel Young for textbook work. For Basic Reading Series, Grade Six, First Semester.] 2MR 303.4

What a sight will it be when the dead shall come forth from their graves among these Waldensian Valleys.—Manuscript 62, 1886, 32. (Diary, April 29, 1886.) 2MR 303.5

[Requested for Teacher's Guidebook.] 2MR 303.6

April 27—We have another beautiful morning. The snow-covered Alps look beautiful with the sun resting upon them. Brother Bourdeau, Brother Geymet, W. C. White and his wife, and I started, some on foot and some in a carriage, to ascend the mountains to Angrogna. We went up and up. We had a strong horse and carriage, but much of the way I was the only one in the carriage. This is the most striking scenery we have yet seen. It resembles Colorado very much in its wild rocky mountains, precipices, gulches, deep ravines, and very narrow valleys. These mountains of so great height are cultivated to the very summit. Dwellings are like nests, glued to the mountainsides, and houses are built upon the tops of the mountains. There are three villages in this mountainous place. 2MR 303.7

These villages were once inhabited by the Waldenses. But the Catholics came in from Milan and Turin, both strong Catholic cities, and persecuted the Waldenses. One village that we are now in has been burned several times. The inhabitants were driven from their homes and burning buildings, surrounded by their inhuman persecutors, and driven off from a high precipice. We left the carriage and walked on the very spot where those poor souls were compelled to go. It is a beautiful, level, grassy plot of ground, and hundreds, yes thousands, could be congregated here. I was thinking what a beautiful place for an out-of-door meeting. Here a large congregation could be assembled to hear the truth. 2MR 303.8

A venerable-looking Vaudois, about 68 years old, was at work in the field. He gave us information concerning the events that had taken place which are mentioned in history. He led us along to the edge of this smiling, grassy field, and we looked over an abrupt, deep precipice, hundreds of feet down. Here the poor souls were driven. Being too few to help themselves, there was no escape for them. They were thrown off from this height upon the jagged rocks, which composed a part of the embankment of the precipice, and into the deep ravine below. And the only reason was that they did not receive the Catholic faith, but made their home in these wild mountain regions to escape their persecutors, and that they might worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. Thousands found their graves in the ravines below this precipice.—Manuscript 55, 1886, 9, 10. (“Visit to Bobbio, Italy,” April 25, 1886.) 2MR 304.1

It was grand and magnificent. There were lakes and gorges and canyons and towering rocks, some of remarkable appearance, the mountain peaks rising above mountain peaks, some adorned with trees, some cultivated to the very top. The trail to them went zigzag, and how they could build their houses, and make their gardens and live up so high, was a mystery to us. Chapels were built on the mountain heights, and villages were nestled in the mountain gorges. 2MR 304.2

These mountains of rocks towering up so high, of every shape and of immense magnitude led us, as we looked upon them, to have deep and solemn thoughts of God. These are His works, evidences of the greatness of His power. He has set fast the mountains, girding them with His power, and the arm of God alone can move them out of their place. Rising before us in their grandeur, they point us heavenward to God's majesty, saying “He changeth not.” With Him there is no variableness nor shadow of turning. His law was spoken from Mt. Sinai amid thunder and flame and smoke, concealing His awful majesty and glory. He spoke His holy law with a voice like a trumpet. The lightnings flashed, the thunders rolled, shaking the grand old mountain from the top to its very base. We are filled with awe. We love to gaze upon the grandeur of God's works, and are never weary. Here is a range of mountains extending the whole length of a continent piled up one above another like a massive irregular wall reaching even above the clouds. That God who keeps the mountains in position has given us promises that are more immutable than these grand old mountains. God's word will stand forever from generation to generation.... 2MR 305.1

These mountains to me are significant. Subterranean fires, although concealed in them, are burning. When the wicked shall have filled their cup of iniquity then the Lord will rise out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth. He will show the greatness of His power. The supreme Governor of the universe will reveal to men who have made void His law that His authority will be maintained. Not all the waters of the ocean shall fail, nor the fires which the Lord shall kindle. The earthquake makes the earth tremble, the rocks heave from the place, the hills and solid ground shake beneath the tread of Omnipotence, yet once more He will shake, not the earth only but also the heavens. There is a sea of fire beneath our feet. There is a furnace of fire in these old rocky mountains. The mountain belching forth its fires tells us the mighty furnace is kindled, waiting for God's word to wrap the earth in flames. Shall we not fear and tremble before Him?—Manuscript 29, 1885, 15-17. (Diary, “First Visit to Italy,” November 26-December 15, 1885.) 2MR 305.2

April 15, 1886—I have thought that there could be nothing to exceed the grandeur of the Colorado mountains, but we see that which is fully as grand and which awakens in the soul reverence for God. We seem to behold His majesty and His power in His marvelous works. The varied scenery in the towering mountains and rocky heights, the deep mountain gorges with their rapid, noisy streams of water coming from the mountains above, the many cataracts that come tumbling down from the tops of the mountains, the waters breaking as they strike the rocks, and scattering into spray like a veil, render this scenery altogether one of surpassing beauty and grandeur. 2MR 306.1

Mountains contain God's blessings. I have seen men and women look upon the majesty of mountains as though they were really a deformity of nature. They would sigh and say, “How needless! Let me have the level plain, the broad prairies, and I should be happy.” The mountains contain treasures of blessings which the Creator bestows upon the inhabitants of the earth. It is the diversity in the surface of the earth, in mountains, plains, and valleys, which reveals the wisdom and the power of the great Master Worker. And those who would banish from our earth the rocks and mountains, the wild gorges and the noisy, rushing streams, and the precipices, as unsightly deformities in nature, and would have a smooth level—their senses are too limited to comprehend the majesty of God. Their minds are bound about with narrow ideas. 2MR 306.2

God, the great Architect, has built these lofty mountains, and their influence upon climate is a blessing to our world. They draw from the clouds enriching moisture. Mountain chains are God's great reservoirs, to supply the ocean with its water. These are the sources of the springs, rills, and brooks, as well as the rivers. They receive in the form of rain and snow, the vapors with which the atmosphere is charged, and communicate them to the parched plains below. We should look upon the irregular mountains of the earth as God's fountains of blessings from which flow forth the waters to supply all the living creatures. Every time I look upon the mountains I feel gratitude to God. My heart is lifted up in praise to Him who knows the wants and needs of man. If the earth had been a uniform level there would be stagnant marshes.... 2MR 306.3

April 29, 1886—Men may trace, in the broken surface of the earth, the evidences of the flood. Men thought themselves wiser than God, and altogether too wise to obey His law and keep His commandments and obey the statutes and precepts of Jehovah. The rich things of earth which God had given them did not lead them to obedience but away from obedience, because they misused their choice favors of heaven, and made the blessings given them of God objects to separate from God. And because they became satanic in their nature, rather than divine, the Lord sent the flood of waters upon the old world and the foundations of the deep were broken up. 2MR 307.1

Clay, lime, and shells that God had strewn in the bottoms of the seas, were uplifted, thrown hither and thither, and convulsions of fire and flood, earthquakes and volcanoes buried the rich treasures of gold, silver, and precious stone beyond the sight and reach of man. Vast treasures are contained in the mountains. There are lessons to be learned in God's book of nature. 2MR 307.2

While we talk freely of other countries, why should we be reticent in regard to the heavenly country, and the house not built with hands, eternal in the heavens? This heavenly country is of more consequence to us than any other city or country on the globe; therefore we should think and talk of this better, even an heavenly country. And why should we not converse more earnestly, and in a heavenly frame of mind, in regard to God's gifts in nature? He has made all these things and designs that we shall see God in His created works. These things are to keep God in our remembrance and to lift our hearts from sensual things and bind them in bonds of love and gratitude to our Creator. 2MR 307.3

We see in the broken face of nature, in the cleft rocks, in the mountains and precipices, that which tells us a great wrong has been done, that men have abused God's gifts, forgotten the Creator, and that the Lord was grieved and punished the wicked transgressors of His law, and as the result we have its effects in creation. Storms rage with destructive violence. Harm comes to man and beast and property. Because men continue to transgress God's law, He removes their defense. Famine, calamity by sea, and the pestilence that walketh at noonday, follow because men have forgotten their Creator. Sin, the blight of sin, defaces and mars our world, and agonized creation groans under the iniquity of the inhabitants thereof. God has given us faculties to be cultivated, to be improved to His glory and for eternity. 2MR 308.1

These mountains and caverns and clefts of the rock which we behold, have a history. Martyrs have perished here, and these places will never reveal their sacred trust until the Life-giver shall call them with the voice of the Archangel and the trump of God from the rocky caverns, the dungeons, the caves, and the clefts of the rocks. They died in exile, some by starvation, others by the cruel hand of man. They walked with God, and will walk with Him in white because they are found worthy.... 2MR 308.2

What a sight it will be when the dead shall come forth from their graves among these Waldensian valleys.... 2MR 309.1

From.... hidden pits where human beings have been buried will start into life those who counted not their lives dear unto themselves, who valued integrity of soul to God above ease, above property, above life itself. From beneath the molding, majestic walls is ground cursed by the Roman power, but sanctified by the blood of martyrs, and as the blood of Abel cried to God from the ground so will the blood of these slaughtered ones cry to God from the ground for vengeance.—Manuscript 62, 1886, 2, 30-32. (Diary, “Second Visit to Italy,” April 15-29, 1886.) 2MR 309.2

Released August, 1965.