Lt 184, 1898


Lt 184, 1898

Smith, Uriah; Jones, A. T.

Stanmore, Sydney, New South Wales

July 7, 1898

Fragment. Previously unpublished.

Dear Brethren Smith, and A. T. Jones:

My heart aches to see in Review and Herald such an article as “The Scripture Cake,” with a recommendation that its readers try the same. How many such things will be tried, when there are so many poor people who are destitute of a crust of bread. This “Scripture cake” is a libel on the Scriptures. Words are picked up here and there without the least bearing upon the matter of the text. There was manna rained from heaven, and Christ Himself declares that He was the Bread that came down from heaven. The Bread from heaven is the Word of God. To give the name “Scripture cake,” to such a concoction as the ingredients put together in this recipe, and put this into our church paper makes my heart ache. What do these things mean? Have our editors parted with their senses? Have the watchmen on the walls of Zion nothing better than this to give our people for spiritual benefit? Lt184-1898.1