Manuscript Releases, vol. 20 [Nos. 1420-1500]


MR No. 1430—The Persisting Dark Influence of Spiritualism

(Extracts from Ellen White's diary, August, 1897.)

Health Home, Summer Hill, Thursday, August 5, 1897—I am not able to write. My head will not work. I am compelled to let it rest. Devoted some time to visiting Sister Semmens and Brethren Davis and Semmens. Brother Baker is moving to several stations nearer Sydney—Northcote, I think, is the place.... 20MR 39.1

Sunday, August 8, 1897—Sunday morning we prepared to leave Summer Hill for Cooranbong. Brother Robb took us in his hansom [A two-wheeled covered carriage for two passengers, pulled by one horse.] to strathfield, about four miles, to save change of cars. We knew he needed the money, for it is very little he receives in his business in the cab line. We had conversation with him in regard to his moving to cooranbong in order to be better situated to live and support his family. We persuaded him to visit the place and see for himself what was the outlook and the prospect before him. We will pay his carfare. 20MR 39.2

I had a long conversation with Brother Davis this morning. Poor man, he is in trouble. He once dabbled with spiritualism and theosophy, and its dark influence has shrouded him ever since. Although he sees the truth and believes the truth, yet there seems to be a bondage to this power that it is hard for him to break. I could only bid him “Look and live.” An uplifted Saviour will heal the serpent's bite, and although its poison has been diffused through his entire being, I could say to him, “Look and live.” Satan has indeed tempted him and desired to sift him as wheat, but Christ is a living Saviour and Advocate in the courts of heaven in his behalf. May the Lord deliver him from the cruel power of Satan is my prayer. 20MR 39.3

We had a pleasant journey of three hours. There were only two ladies besides ourselves in the ladies’ compartment. The covered carriage was waiting for us and we arrived safely at our own home. The whole garden we find overflowed. Much rain has fallen. All were glad to see us and we were glad to see all again.—Manuscript 175, 1897. 20MR 39.4

Ellen G. White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

January 22, 1989.