Ms 174, 1898


Ms 174, 1898


Gladstone, Australia

November 2-4, 1898

Previously unpublished.

November 2, 1898


We, Sara, W. C. White, Brother Chapman, and I are on our way from Brisbane to Rockhampton. I am feeling a little better, though still quite weak. I could not eat yesterday, and so far have not been able to eat today. We arrived at Gladstone at twelve o’clock today, and drove a mile and a half to a house which had a very unfavorable appearance. But Willie said there was a room on it in which we could be made comfortable, and we were glad to be anywhere where we could lie down. Ms174-1898.1

Sara is quite sure that I made a wrong move in coming to Rockhampton. She is sure that I have taken too much upon me. Ms174-1898.2

We shall soon be on the boat again. The boat is a small, flat one. The stream is narrow. The land is not out of sight any of the time. Ms174-1898.3

I almost wish that I had not started on this trip. I fear that it will prove too long and too trying a journey. Rockhampton is one hundred and sixty miles from Brisbane. But it will soon all be in the past. Tonight we shall travel on the boat. We may have to sleep on the floor, but I am well provided with comfortable mattresses, even if I have no spring bed. We shall manage in some way. The Lord sees us, and He sends His peace into our hearts. I am so thankful for this. One soul saved would be worth more than all the gold in this world. Ms174-1898.4