Lt 39, 1898


Lt 39, 1898

Woods, H.; Miller, W. H. B.


March 27, 1898

Portions of this letter are published in ChL 12; 1MR 264; 4Bio 344. +Note

Dear Brethren Woods and Miller:

I hoped to have an interview with you both, but upon inquiry learned that you were living at a long distance from the house occupied by Brother Daniells. I could not go so far, for after getting off the African mail, I had but little time. I feel deeply over the situation of our people, and have much to communicate to the church when I have opportunity. Lt39-1898.1

I am so sorry that you have connected yourselves with this new enterprise. Already you can see and understand the influence the move is having upon your mind. You ought to have placed yourselves in the channel of light. You should have attended the camp meeting, and with receptive hearts have listened to the precious truth. But at the very beginning of your independent business career, you separated yourselves from assemblies for worship, and thus lost much which you might have gained. As the messengers of God, we brought light for the people; but you, who needed this light so much, were seldom at the meetings. We labored just as earnestly, whether there were few or many present. We dwelt upon practical godliness, for we need all the light and truth we can have at this time. One step out of the path of right leads to a second wrong move. Lt39-1898.2

In the past, the work of the Echo Publishing House has been hindered by the ignorance of those who were learning how to work. The institution has had to struggle with poverty and with defective education in many lines. But the Lord’s blessing has rested upon the efforts put forth in faith and hope by the workers who were seeking to grow in grace and in a knowledge of how to do the work of God more perfectly. A great change has taken place, and better work has been done than at any other period of its existence. The workers, under an experienced management, have gained a knowledge of how to work. The Echo Office is God’s institution, established to do a special work in the advancement of the truth. The presses are to produce messengers that shall go forth to all parts of the world. And the Lord has blessed His faithful ones. A grand work has been done in bringing the light of truth before many who have not seen the living preacher. Lt39-1898.3

But Brother Miller, while gathering all the knowledge possible, was waiting for an opportunity to follow out plans which he had formed for his own advantage. He heard a voice of invitation to temptation, saying, “All this will I give you, if you will be led and guided by me.” He did not discern whither his feet were tending. He did not consider that the institution was God’s instrumentality, and that from it a light was to go forth to enlighten other minds in darkness, to prepare a people to stand in the day of the Lord. Lt39-1898.4

The Echo Publishing House is God’s own institution, and had it not been for the Lord’s care for it, it would not now be in existence. There are those in all our institutions, all through our ranks, who have not sound principles of action. They do not understand and cannot distinguish between a private business interest in workshops, factories, or cornfields and the institutions brought into existence for the advancement of the cause of God, and which are built up by hard labor, fighting their way upward under most discouraging circumstances. Lt39-1898.5

The publishing institution has struggled hard to bring in, through the grace of God, a pure, sacred, holy atmosphere in every department of the work. But while a great change has been made, and there is a better class of workers, there is not yet a true appreciation of the distinction between an institution which bears the divine credentials and a common workshop. Temptations are entertained by the workers, minds are undisciplined, worthless pleasures attract and divert the mind from the work, and these elements are a continual drawback. The Lord calls upon every soul connected with that institution to have a vigorous purpose, a lofty aspiration, a burning zeal for God’s glory, that it may stand as a faithful memorial of the Sabbath of the fourth commandment. Let all stand in right relation to this institution, remembering that it is the Lord’s instrumentality. Every sanctified ability is now required to give prosperity to the work and relieve it from its burden of debt. Lt39-1898.6

God requires that the atmosphere of the office be kept pure from selfish principles or actions. We need to understand that the Lord God who rules in the heavens is jealous how His agencies are treated. To those who have obtained an education in the lines of work to be carried on in the Echo office, the Lord has given wisdom as He did to Daniel and the three Hebrew captives; and He designs that the ability and powers given shall be returned to Him to His own name’s glory. Thus it is when workers are being educated to do a certain line of work in harmony with other workers. There will be trials in their experience; there will be unpleasant chapters in the experience of each; but this is something that should establish confidence. There must be restrictions and limitations and counsels given; but if this is regarded as a great trial, and the work is made a grievance, it is viewed in a wrong light. Lt39-1898.7

To the men who were to build the tabernacle, the injunction was given to make everything according to the directions given in the mount. This was often repeated, because it was God’s way and the work was the work of God, and it was to be a representative of God. The Lord’s service is a solemn, sacred service, and all connected with it in the Echo office are to consider that a sacred charge is upon them. They are to become workers together with God. The Lord is the teacher. Human eyes may not discern Him, but He is close by the side of the one who desires to walk in the counsel of God. Lt39-1898.8