Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209]


MR No. 200—Materials Needed for Angel Over Her Tent

Even very small children are to be under the rule of Christ. They can do missionary work in the family from their standpoint and the Lord will accept their service. They can speak their childlike words for Jesus, and awaken an echo in other young hearts. Many older people have been led to Jesus by the simple words of a child. In many instances children have put to shame those who have had many opportunities and much experience, but who have done little for the Master and whose talents are rusting from inaction.”—Manuscript 77, 1898, 5, 6. (“Notes of Work During the Week of Prayer.” June, 1898.) 3MR 302.1

This is the work that devolves upon every faithful standard bearer, to bring up the men to the colors. The Lord calls for wholeheartedness. We all know that the sin of many professed followers of Christ is that they lack the courage and the energy to bring themselves and those connected with them up to the standard. 3MR 302.2

I have faith to believe you will not stop at the halfway house, but will follow on to know the Lord, that you may know His goings forth are prepared as the morning. The Lord loves us, and all He asks is that you respond to His love.”—Letter 22, 1894, pp. 6, 7. (To Capt. C. Eldridge—Title, “The Value of Chastening.” August 12, 1894.) 3MR 302.3

I know of a man who failed to put only one little pin in a saw. And when the machinery began to operate, that saw flew hither and thither, and as a result one man was deprived of two limbs. And that was because of one little pin being left out. Everyone is to be as particular in his lines as I am in mine. 3MR 302.4

The Lord declares “he that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much”.... Here the heavenly angels are looking upon us, we are working in the sight of a holy God, and only with work well done will we pass the grand review. Any work done negligently, the heavenly intelligences have marked with unfaithfulness.... 3MR 303.1

People have no idea of the value of time. I am generally up at three a.m. or four. When I was in Europe I would rise at three o'clock. I have entered my sixty-sixth year, and my right hand writes a great deal. I feel that every subject in the word of God is of such vast importance, and when I realize that certain ones need help, I dare not be indifferent. There must be nothing left undone on my part.... The last year during my sickness of eleven months I have sent away 2,500 pages. I must treasure these truths of the word as gold, and communicate these truths to others as they have been communicated to me.... 3MR 303.2

The work of God will elevate you if you will be elevated. Many think that they must live to please themselves else life is of no value. They indulge in this pleasure and that pleasure. It is their custom to live up to the last edge of means. God wants every man and woman to do his best.”—Manuscript 13, 1893, 2, 3. (“Diligence in Service,” April 7, 1893.) 3MR 303.3

Released May 16, 1968.