Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5)


Battle Creek Finally Settled Upon

On December 10, the available members of the General Conference Committee in Battle Creek voted to hold the 1901 General Conference from April 2 to 23 in Battle Creek. But her decision to attend had not come without some cost to herself. She declared, “For a week before I fully consented to go to Battle Creek, I did not sleep past one o'clock. Some nights I was up at eleven o'clock and many nights at twelve. I have not moved from impulse, but from the conviction that at this time I must begin at Jerusalem.”—Letter 159, 1900. 5BIO 45.1

Then she explained her willingness to abandon the hope that the meeting might have been held in California: 5BIO 45.2

The deep regrets of many that the conference was to be held in Oakland came to me across the Rocky Mountains. Had not a change been made, the impression would have rested upon minds that the conference was held in Oakland because of Sister White's choice. To bear all the responsibility of having the conference in Oakland was a burden too heavy for me to carry.— Ibid. 5BIO 45.3

She was also concerned about the extra expense for such a meeting in Oakland. She found that because of travel it would cost probably $5,000 to $8,000 more than if it were held in Battle Creek, and she was determined to do her part in trying to save this money. She explained, also, a factor that had helped her in her final decision: 5BIO 45.4

In the night season, I was standing in the Tabernacle at Battle Creek, and the Spirit of the Lord gave me freedom to present practical godliness in clear, distinct lines before the people. Several times this representation was impressed upon my mind. More definite light came to me. Yet it was some time before I could make the decision.— Ibid. 5BIO 45.5

So the Committee action to hold the session in Battle Creek in April stood, and Ellen White would attend. 5BIO 46.1