Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5)


Why the Messages Came When They Did

On receiving these communications from Elder Daniells, Ellen White wrote to him explaining why he received the messages just when he did: 5BIO 301.1

Shortly before I sent the testimonies that you said arrived just in time, I had read an incident about a ship in a fog meeting an iceberg. For several nights I slept but little. I seemed to be bowed down as a cart beneath sheaves. One night a scene was clearly presented before me. A vessel was upon the waters, in a heavy fog. Suddenly the lookout cried, “Iceberg just ahead!” There, towering high above the ship, was a gigantic iceberg. An authoritative voice cried out, “Meet it!” There was not a moment's hesitation. It was a time for instant action. The engineer put on full steam, and the man at the wheel steered the ship straight into the iceberg. With a crash she struck the ice. There was a fearful shock, and the iceberg broke into many pieces, falling with a noise like thunder upon the deck. The passengers were violently shaken by the force of the collision, but no lives were lost. The vessel was injured, but not beyond repair. She rebounded from the contact, trembling from stem to stern, like a living creature. Then she moved forward on her way. 5BIO 301.2

Well I knew the meaning of this representation. I had my orders. I had heard the words, like a living voice from our Captain,“Meet it!” I knew what my duty was, and that there was not a moment to lose. The time for decided action had come. I must without delay obey the command, “Meet it!” 5BIO 301.3

This is why you received the testimonies when you did. That night I was up at one o'clock, writing as fast as my hand could pass over the paper. 5BIO 301.4

We have all stood at our posts like faithful sentinels, working early and late to send to the council instruction that we thought would help you.—Letter 238, 1903. 5BIO 301.5