Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


The Tent Meetings in Oakland

On Wednesday, May 6, in a letter to Uriah Smith, Ellen White described the evangelistic meetings: 2BIO 413.4

The large tent is pitched and meetings have been held in it since last Thursday.... We felt that the time had come for something to be done in California.... We have seen and felt that the idea of our ministering brethren was altogether too contracted. They were for pitching the tent in small places, but shunning the large cities. I had dreams that in thus doing, they were not doing the work God would have them do.... 2BIO 413.5

The tent has started in Oakland. Our meetings have been excellent. Elder Cornell preached the first two nights upon spiritualism, taking advantage of an excitement in Oakland created by the work of the spirits. Chairs were moved, trunks thrown about, and night after night shrill screams were heard. In this manifestation Satan seemed to overdo himself and really hurt his own cause. Elder Cornell's discourses took well. The tent was crowded both nights. There have been meetings every night and all day Sunday. Brother Canright has spoken several times with acceptance.—Letter 25, 1874. 2BIO 413.6

Ellen White was drawn into the speaking on Sunday afternoon, and addressed a good audience for an hour. 2BIO 413.7

She was glad to see the work in the West gathering momentum. 2BIO 413.8