Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


The Whites Remain in Battle Creek

With James White dividing his time between the interests of the Publishing Association and the initial steps in getting a denominational school going, he was held close to Battle Creek. Ellen, as usual, was deeply involved in writing testimonies and, when she could get to it, the life of Christ for Spirit of Prophecy, volume 2. Her diary for 1873 reveals that she also kept close to developments in Battle Creek. One matter in particular gave both of them considerable concern, the very clearly felt alienation of Uriah Smith, resident editor of the Review and Herald. Reporting an interview at the Smith home on March 20, Ellen White noted in her diary: “We had an interview at Brother Smith's. He is dissatisfied with some things in my husband's letters; some expressions he thinks too severe.”—Manuscript 5, 1873. 2BIO 377.3

The next day, Sabbath, she reported that James “spoke with great freedom and power.” The diary entries for the week that followed are enlightening as to her life and activities in Battle Creek: 2BIO 377.4

Sunday, March 23, 1873.

Spent some time in the office preparing matter for Reformer. Spoke in the evening to a full house with some freedom. Took dinner at Brother [Harmon] Lindsay's. 2BIO 377.5

Monday, March 24, 1873.

Spent the day at the office, preparing matter for the Reformer. We took dinner at Brother Ings's. We advised them to remain at Battle Creek. They thought of returning to Iowa if they could not be a help in Battle Creek. We do not wish to lose their influence here. Returned to office again to continue to prepare matter for Reformer. 2BIO 378.1

Tuesday, March 25, 1873.

Was at the office most of the day, preparing matter for the Reformer. 2BIO 378.2

Wednesday, March 26, 1873.

It is a very stormy day. I arranged my writings. My husband sent for me to take dinner at Brother Kellogg's. It was very cold and stormy. It looked imprudent to go out, yet I ventured. We had a pleasant visit with Brother Kellogg's family. Had a good hygienic dinner. Borrowed a book to select piece for Reformer. In the afternoon was at the office, selecting pieces for my department in Reformer. Returned home. In evening had an earnest praying season for Sister Abbey. 2BIO 378.3

Thursday, March 27, 1873.

I designed to spend the day in writing. Just as I was about to engage in my writing, Sister Comings came. I visited with her quite a while, then went to the institute with Emma for treatment. My husband came for me to ride and I did not take treatment. Rode down to the city.... Took dinner with Brother and Sister Van Horn. Had a pleasant visit with them. Returned home. Stopped at the institute a short time and returned home and engaged in writing. 2BIO 378.4

Dr. Russell called in evening, before leaving for an urgent call to Wisconsin from Brother Sanborn. We had a pleasant interview with Dr. Russell. Elders Andrews and Haskell spent the evening with us. Tarried overnight. 2BIO 378.5

Friday, March 28, 1873.

It is raining. My husband spent the day at the office. He brought me two letters, one from Elder Loughborough, with two letters copied that he had received from Brethren Stipp and Stockton. My husband came home with Sister Lampson. We had a pleasant visit. Sister Lampson dined with us. I have forty-eight pages completed for the Health Institute. My head is weary. Received a good letter from Will Walling. He urges us to come and stay with him in the summer and I think we shall do so. 2BIO 378.6

Sabbath, March 29, 1873.

It is a blustering day. My husband attended meeting. I did not. I wished to speak to the brethren and sisters of San Francisco. I wrote sixteen pages—to Elder Loughborough, six pages; to Brother Diggins, ten pages; also wrote Brother Stockton two pages. 2BIO 379.1

My husband spoke to the people with freedom. In the afternoon [I spoke]. Brethren came in after meeting. Sister Butler came to visit us. Brethren Andrews and Haskell called. I read to them the letter written to Brother Diggins. We had a season of prayer of considerable interest.—Ibid. 2BIO 379.2