Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


Tent Effort in San Francisco

Friday evening, November 8, James White opened the tent meetings to be held in that city. A good crowd attended. In early winter the weather in San Francisco is usually pleasantly warm. On November 17 they had to raise the tent wall to be comfortable. After eighteen meetings, Loughborough reported of the interest: 2BIO 368.3

Brother White has preached six times, Sister White seven times, and I have spoken five times. Our congregations have been both large and deeply attentive. The preaching has been about an even mixture of close, searching, practical discourses, alternated with the theory of the truth, presented in a clear, concise, solemn, and pointed manner, spiced with exhortation, and close appeals to the consciences, with an endeavor to arouse the moral sensibilities of the people. 2BIO 368.4

The preaching has told powerfully upon the people, and has swept away a vast amount of prejudice, and taken hold of many hearts. Brother White's discourse last Sunday evening, on the Sabbath in the New Testament, was especially of this character. God helped him. It told greatly upon the audience, and brought some to decide to obey the truth.—The Review and Herald, December 3, 1872. 2BIO 368.5

As White preached, Loughborough thought of how James White's preaching was getting better and better and “how needful that the minister of Christ have the Spirit of God, to go with the truth to hearts, and it is the mingling of the close, practical preaching with the theoretical, that keeps the truth warm in the soul of the minister, as well as keeping the material warm he wishes to work upon.”—Ibid. 2BIO 369.1

A week later, with changing weather, two stoves could not maintain comfort in the tent, so the meetings were closed on Monday night, November 25. On a number of nights attendance had been close to five hundred. Several had taken their stand, and others were investigating the truths presented (Ibid., December 24, 1872). Reported Loughborough: 2BIO 369.2

The close, practical preaching of Brother and Sister White has left a very favorable impression on the minds of those who heard. The church has been greatly helped by the labors of the last few weeks.—Ibid. 2BIO 369.3