Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


The Dedication of the New Review Building

The dedication of the new Review and Herald office building was an important item on the agenda for the session. This took place on January 1, 1872. Smith described this occasion of special interest: 2BIO 336.1

The central room on the second floor, occupying the entire body of the main building, was closely seated and filled to its utmost capacity. The exercises were opened with singing and prayer. Brother White gave a brief sketch of the rise of the publishing department of this work from its commencement in feebleness and obscurity, to its present extended and prosperous condition. Interesting remarks were also made by Elders Andrews, Wardner, and Waggoner. With a closing hymn and prayer, the exercises concluded. 2BIO 336.2

Thus another building is dedicated to the work of sending forth the light of truth among the people. The office is finished in a neat and substantial manner. The workmen have done their duty faithfully and conscientiously. It elicits the unqualified praise of all who behold it.—Ibid., January 16, 1872 2BIO 336.3